Frequently Asked Questions

Is this service free?

Yes. The main objective of this project is to support students in their preparation for Circuit Theory exams. It would make no sense to charge a fee for such a service. The Author is committed to continue offering the autoCircuits service free of charge.

How long will this service be offered for?

The idea is to keep this service alive indefinitely. This of course based on the availability of hardware resources to host the service (which at the moment does not seem to be an issue).

Is this an open-source project?

No. At present, there are no plans to make the source code of this project freely available, although some parts (random graph generation, formulation and solution of circuit equations) have a clear educational value. This scenario may change in the future, depending on opportunities.

What is the development team?

This project is developed by a single Author on a volunteer basis, during his spare time in his academic activities.

Can I help in the development?

Why not? Any effort that contributes to the improvement of the quality or performance of this service, as well as to the addition of new functionalities is welcome. You can drop a note to to start the discussion. For interested students, thesis projects can be available on various topics related to this project.

Are there any sponsors?

No. This project was created and is currently maintained on a volunteer basis.

Can I contribute as a sponsor?

Yes. Please send a note to and declare your motivations. No offer will be accepted that will impose constraints on the free nature of this service, or on Intellectual Property Rights.

I found a bug. What can I do?

Please send a note to and describe in detail when and how the bug occurs.

What is the expected bug-fixing time?

There is no answer to this question. Any time that is dedicated to service maintenance, support and bug fixing is taken from the spare time of the Author. This spare time may not exist in some busy periods of the year. Please be patient...

This service is still in a beta-testing phase. Please report any bug to autocircuits - @ -